Sick of Hair And Body Products Which Are Full Of Chemicals?

Us too! We were shocked once our eyes were opened to how many chemicals we were putting on our bodies. That’s why we started making our own parent and kid products and started sharing them here.

Let us help you do the same!

My daughter, Soraya, and I pledged to no longer put chemicals on our bodies. As part of this, we learned how to make our own natural skin and beauty products from lip balm to sugar scrubs to donut bath bombs. On this site, we share our best all-natural products with you so you can take the same journey.

Go Natural

DIY skincare

DIY Skincare

Learn how to make your own hair and skin products from bath bombs to hair detangling spray, all natural and easy to do

buy chemical free

Buy Chemical Free

From our shop, buy chemical free hair and skin products formulated especially for kids. You can’t find better! (Coming soon)

natual living

Natural Living

Read our best tips for living chemical free, all natural

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